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This growing list of wildflowers found in the Quoddy Loop has been compiled and generously provided by John Hewett of Machias, Maine.

An asterisk (*) indicates that the same flower appears in the list under more than one common name. See the list by Latin Name at the bottom of the page.
"(Alien)" indicates that the species was introduced to this area.

Listed Alphabetically by Common Name

Green Amaranth (Alien) Amaranthus retroflexus (Amaranthaceae)
Bake-Apple* Rubus chamaemorous
Black-Eyed Susan Rudbeckia hirta
Bunchberry* Cornus canadensis (Cornaceae)
Checkerberry* Gaultheria procumbens (Ericaceae)
Field Chickweed Cerastium arvense
Three-Toothed Cinfoil Potentilla tridentata
Cloudberry* Rubus chamaemorous
Columbine Aquilegia canadensis (Ranunculaceae)
Dwarf Cornel* Cornus canadensis (Cornaceae)
Cup Plant Silphium perfoliatum
Common Dandelion (Alien) Taraxacum officinale
Curled Dock (Alien) Rumex crispus
Seabeach Dock Rumex pallidus
Pearly Everlasting Anaphalis margaritacea
Fireweed Epilobium anustfolium (Onagraceae)
Early Goldenrod Solidago juncea
Seaside Goldenrod Solidago sempervirens
Stout Goldenrod Solidago squarrosa
Indian Pipe Monotropa uniflora (Pyrolaceae)
Juneberry* Amelanchier (Rosaceae)
Nodding Ladies' Tresses Spiranthes cernua
Slender Ladies' Tresses Spiranthes gracilis
Lamb's Quarters* (Alien) Chenopodium album (Chenopodiaceae)
Prickly Lettuce (Alien) Lactuca scariola
Common Mullein (Alien) Verbascum thapus (Scrophulariaceae)
Orache Atriplex patula (Chenopodiaceae)
Purple Fringed Orchis Habenaria fimbriata (Orchidaceae)
Wild Parsnip (Alien) Pastinaca sative (Umbelliferae)
Pigweed* (Alien) Chenopodium album (Chenopodiaceae)
Common Evening Primrose Oinothera biennis
Rose Rosa multiflora
Rose* Rosa rugosa
Carolina Rose* rosa Carolina (Rosaceae)
Pasture Rose* rosa Carolina (Rosaceae)
Wrinkled Rose* Rosa rugosa
Shadebush* Amelanchier (Rosaceae)
Common Sorrel* (Alien) Rumex acetosella
Sheep Sorrel* (Alien) Rumex acetosella
Starflower Teientalis borealis (Primulaceae)
Common Strawberry Fragaria virginiana
Wood Strawberry (Alien) Fragaria versca
Round-Leaved Sundew Doresera rotundifolia (Droseraceae)
Spatulate-Leaved Sundew Rosera intermedia
Labrador Tea Ledum groenlandicum (Ericaceae)
Lance-Leaved Violet Viola lanceolata
Wintergreen* Gaultheria procumbens (Ericaceae)

Listed Alphabetically by Latin Name

Amelanchier (Rosaceae)
Chenopodium album (Chenopodiaceae)
Lamb's Quarters* (Alien)
Pigweed (Alien)
Cornus canadensis (Cornaceae)
Dwarf Cornel
Gaultheria procumbens (Ericaceae)
rosa Carolina (Rosaceae)
Carolina Rose
Pasture Rose
Rosa rugosa
Wrinkled Rose
Rubus chamaemorous
Rumex acetosella
Common Sorrel (Alien)
Sheep Sorrel (Alien)


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