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Listing Basics

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Listing Basics

If you have a Quoddy Loop business, then you're invited to obtain a business listing on Quoddy Loop Tourism!

Whether you're a small business in a small Quoddy Loop town, or a national chain in several Quoddy Loop communities, you can optimize your advertising dollar by taking advantage of the affordable Business Listings in Quoddy Loop Tourism!

There are over 5,500 links (as of 31 January 2004) from other Web sites to Quoddy Loop Tourism!

Web surfers seeking relocation and tourist information about the Quoddy Loop check the Business Listings. Here, you can attract customers by utilizing the basic listings and options that fit your business needs.

Where Will Your Business Information Appear?

Your Business Listing will appear in at least three lists:

  1. In the Local Business Directory at the end of your Community page.
    Also see the Multi-Communities Listings option.
  2. In the Business List by Company Name.
  3. In the Business List by Business Type.

  4. With the Elecronic Coupon option,
    your ad will also be listed with the Companies Offering Coupons.
  5. If your business is Handicapped-Accessible, your business will
    also appear in the Handicapped Accessible Businesses List at
    no additional cost.


What's Included in a Business Listing?

  1. Business Category Heading ("Business Type") -- One Category Heading is included in the basic price.
  2. Logo or Photograph
    Images will appear at 1.5" wide, to the left of your ad information.
    (Note: The best images are ones which don't rely on small detail.)
    (Linking to a larger image is available at a slight additional charge.)
  3. Company Name
    This includes a free link to your business web page, if you have one anywhere on the World Wide Web.
  4. Description
    Up to 50 words of information about your business. (Additional words are available at a slight additional charge.)
  5. Address(es)
    Your mailing address, location address, and off-season address if you wish to list one.
  6. Phone Numbers
    Area Code+Phone#, as well as Fax#, Toll-Free# (and where it is valid from--i.e., Toll Free in Canada and U.S.: 1-888-0000), Cell Phone#, and TDD# (for the hearing impared).
  7. Email Address
    If you'd like to list a "protected" email address, yours can be included at no charge, with a free link. To email you an inquiry, the user just clicks on your address, and their email program opens with your address automatically inserted as the recipient. (Try the example below.) Note: Protected email addresses are encoded using JavaScript, which breaks the address into several parts, currently making addresses difficult for spammers to harvest.
  8.  Handicapped Accessability
    Does your business have access for the physically handicapped? If so, it will be designated with the handicapped-accessible icon, and your business will be included at no charge in the Handicapped-Accessible Business List.
  9. Your Season of Operation
    List your operating season to avoid unnecessary phone calls, emails, and disappointed prospective customers.



Additional Category Headings
Link to Larger Image
Electronic Coupons
Multi-Communities Listings

Additional Business Category Headings

An excellent way to increase your visibility is to utilize as many Business Category Headings as may apply to your business. (See our Business Category Headings list.)

For instance, a Restaurant might have the following Category Headings:

Your identical listing will appear under each Category Heading.


Bigger Picture

 Link to Larger Image

A quick and easy way to entice prospective customers about your business is to include a link on to your 1.5"-wide logo or photograph (at the left of your ad) to a larger version of the image on a blank web page. This can show your prospects detail not visible in the smaller image.


 Electronic Coupons

Imagine enticing more customers by offering them a Coupon that they simply print out on their printer at home! And, it's an excellent way to track the effectiveness of your listing on Quoddy Loop Tourism!

The coupon button beneath your business name will appear until the coupon's expiration date, after which time the button link will vanish.

(Check out the example Listings with Coupons below!)

How It Works

A Coupon button link (try clicking on one of the buttons below) is included within your listings, beneath your Business Name, like so:

Your Maine Company

Coupon Icon
  A wonderful place to enjoy in the Quoddy Loop.
10 Main Street
Best Place, ME
U.S.A 04000
Phone: (207)000-0000, Toll Free (in the U.S. outside of Maine): (888)000-0000, Cell#: (XXX)000-0000
Your New Brunswick Company

Coupon Icon
  A wonderful place to enjoy in the Quoddy Loop.
1 King Street
Best Place, NB
Canada E0G XXX
Phone: (506)000-0000, Toll Free (from Canada and the U.S.): (800)000-0000, Cell#: (XXX)000-0000

Multi-Communities Listings Option

(Where "Best Place," above, would actually be your town's name, followed by either "ME" or "NB".)

Enhance your Advertising Presence
Same Company but Multiple Locations

If you want greater advertising exposure, or if your business has a presence in more than one location in the Quoddy Loop, you'll want customers to know about each one.

Your ad will appear in each selected Quoddy Loop Tourims community page's Local Business Directory. Note: Each appearance of your Ad will be identical.



NOTE: Prices are subject to change.

Price (US$)
Basic Listing $90.00
Additional Description Text
(per additional word over 50)
Link to larger Logo or Photograph
Multi-Communities Listing*
(per additional Community)
                                 6 Communities for

A Multi-Community notice containing
your town and state/province will
appear beneath your company name


Additional Category Heading
(each, after the first Category)
Coupon $15.00
 Handicapped-Access Icon
for qualified businesses. (Your ad will appear in the
Handicapped-Accessible Businesses List.)
No Charge
Multiple-Year Advertising
20% discount on each additional years' advertising.

If your first year ad is $90.00, then the second year
would receive a 20% discount. costing just $72.00!
So, 2 years would be just $162.00 — you save $18.00!

The same discount applies to every additional year beyond
the first, so the more years, the more you save! (You can still
update your ad information at any time during that period.)

20% Discount
* Your identical ad appears in each designated
Community's Business Directory.

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Pay via Credit Card or PayPal Account
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