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Price includes a Free Link to your existing email and/or website, if you have them.

Ad Categories

Quoddy Loop Classifieds are currently limited to Real Estate. If you'd like another category included, please your request to determine if it can be added.


Ad Duration

Classified Ads are listed until sold (with a 5 year limit).


Classified Ad Prices
per up to 250 Words
Photographs are additional.)

Until Sold CN$60.00 US$40.00 Plus Photo(s)

Note: Prices are subject to vary with changes in the International Exchange Rate.

Until Sold--with a 5-year limit.


Additional Words

Additional copy can be included in your ad at
US10¢ or CN15¢ per additional word.



 CN$ US$
180 pixels (2.5") wide Photograph in Listing, plus link to Larger version of photo* CN$15.00 US$10.00
Additional Photograph(s)--each CN$15.50 US$10.00

One photograph will be included in the main listing at a width of 180 pixels / 2.5" (under exceptional circumstances a wider image may be used at additional cost--please inquire), with a link to a separate page displaying that photograph--and other photographs--at a larger size, *unless the original image sent to us is too small to enlarge. (See below.) Typically, larger images will be shown at 3"-4". Keep in mind that large images take longer for the prospective buyer to download, and long downloads may discourage the prospect from waiting to see the images.


Submission Tips


Submit either photographic prints or digital files; however, in both cases, quality of the original image is imperative for a good-looking image in your ad!


Photographic Prints

PLEASE DO NOT mail injet or laser printouts of photographic image(s), since they typically do not scan well.


Digital Files

*While JPEG is the format that will ultimately be used for your photographic images, it is not the best format for editing them, since image quality is reduced each time a JPEG file is edited. If you use a digital camera which creates JPEG files, please don't edit the files prior to sending them unless you convert them first to TIFF or PSD.


How to Pay for Your Ad

Solution Graphics

Pay via Credit Card or PayPal Account
using our PayPal Payment Form
(PayPal Account Not Required)


If Mailing, Please make payment to Old Sow Publishing.

Send your Classified Ad copy, photo(s), and cheque or money order to:

Quoddy Loop Classified Ads
Old Sow Publishing
P.O. Box 222, Moose Island
Eastport, ME
USA 04631-0222

NOTE: Mail from Canada may take up to 14 days to arrive.
Your ad will appear within one week of receipt of your ad copy.


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