Quoddy Loop in Maine and New Brunswick
A Three-Nation Vacation™ in coastal and island communities in…
Downeast Maine, Passamaquoddy Tribal Communities, and the West Fundy Isles of New Brunswick, Canada!

Passamaquoddy Bay Adventures

(Quoddy Loop Tourism)

...a virtual tour of the
Passamaquoddy Bay area
in the western Bay of Fundy!

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Area Map
Where Is the Quoddy Loop?

The International "Quoddy Loop" consists of island and coastal communities along and within the western Bay of Fundy and Fundy’s numerous bays in Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada, and Washington County, Maine, U.S.A. — the greater Passamaquoddy Bay area.

While you’re taking this Tour, plan your vacation, or just have a relaxing visit from the comfort of home.

In any event, have a wonderful time! Share


Quoddy Loop

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Quoddy Loop
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Canadian flagCutler, ME
Canadian flagLubec, ME
Canadian flagCampobello Island, NB
Canadian flagPembroke, ME
Canadian flagCooper, ME
Canadian flagPerry, ME
Canadian flagEastport, ME
Canadian flagRobbinston, ME
Canadian flagElmsville, NB

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Lighthouses, Beaches, Parks, Whales, Tides, Ferries, History, Nature, Old Sow Whirlpool, Adventure, ...and More! See Important Ferry information.

Including Sightings — A log of interesting things seen in the Quoddy Loop.

Read the 2016 account, and view the video, of a great white shark in the Bay of Fundy near Saint Andrews.

View 2015 images and video of jellyfish.

See a 2014 video of a great white shark in the waters near St. Andrews and of a porbeagle shark near Deer Island!

Watch a 2012 January 22 scuba diving video (with sound) of colorful, fascinating underwater sealife in Passamaquoddy Bay —

Quoddy Loop Businesses
Quoddy Loop Businesses

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What to Do, Where to Eat, Where to Shop, Where to Stay.... What's Your Pleasure?

Listed by:

Canadian, American, and Passamaquoddy!

What you need to know when crossing between Canada & the United States on foot, by car, boat, or airplane; or if accompanied by your pet!


Currency & Currency Exchange
Want to know what your currency will buy when you cross the border?
[Quoddy Loop Sightings]
Quoddy Loop Sightings

Exciting Things of Interest Observed in the Quoddy Loop!

[Downeast / Maritime Lexicon]
Downeast / Maritime Lexicon
Mystified by local jargon? Here’s some help.
[Down 'Quoddy Way Cartoons]
"Down ’Quoddy Way" Cartoons
Quoddy-centric cartoon humor! Ha, ha, haaaaah, ha, ha, ha!
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